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Lucky Charms

On U Jewelry

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Lucky Charms
Lucky Charms
I don't think you'll find these in a cereal box...but, they are magically delicious!
We've created these absolutely incredible hand cast little Lucky Charms that are sure to brighten your day Your choice of 14 karat rose gold or sterling silver cross or heart that includes a magnificent .02 karat raw diamond inset. Each measures about the size of a real Lucky Charm that you'd find in the cereal box. They are itsy bitsy.
Please note that the charms are not sold individually. The cost for each Lucky Charm is $150 for the 14 karat rose gold version or $100 for the sterling silver version. Please choose either a Pure Mix Maggie, a Natural Pearl Dot or a Semi-Precious Dot to go with it.. Then, when you wear it with one of your other on u necklaces, you'll feel magically delicious!!

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