$5.00 of every order goes to Feed More.

It's still quite hazy.   

We recognize that it's a time to give.  And a time to say "Thanks" to our veterans, to our healthcare workers, and to all of the people who are out there helping us to survive this crisis.  

We really hope that things are getting better, but we also realize that there's still a long way to go.  We're in a rough spot. Our Studio has been closed since March 17th.  Yet, we are not nearly in the circumstance of so many around us, and, sadly, so many more to come. That's why, with every online order, we are donating $5.00 to Feed More - Central Virginia's extraordinary non-profit food distribution organization that is part of Feeding America - until we are able to open the Studio again.

From online sales during April 7th - May 7th, we contributed $830 to Feed More.  It's a nice start.

Don't forget that there are still those special occasions that we all want to continue celebrating - Graduation! (these incredibly special grads!!!), Birthdays! Anniversaries, 'Miss You' gifts and more. Hopefully, knowing that a little part of your gift will be helping those who are in dire straits will ease the burden that we all share.

We can't wait until the Studio is open again. but until that time, we are still shipping (for free, as always) from a 'clean' environment.  We're taking every precaution to protect not only you, but ourselves, from this unfortunate dilemma that we are facing.

Stay safe!  Stay sane! ☮

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We know. You get it.

Please note that we will do our best to fulfill your order as soon as we can. But also, please realize that we are short on our helpful handed family of helpers... It's a new world for all of us.  Material availability is coming in to play.  We will do our best to meet your expectations but may need to touch base with you regarding alternatives. I hope that's okay.

Peace. Love. Faith.


What's New!

We're always creating new designs and styles.  Even during these days of mayhem.  And while not all shown, we'll try our best to keep you up to date on my newest pieces....