Creative Play Days!

Over the years, I've had quite a few people ask me if I would ever offer jewelry making classes so that they can learn my techniques and tricks so that they could make their own jewelry.... Uhhh, No.

However, besides making jewelry, I've always enjoyed creating. And I thought that it would be fun to share my creativites, and those of others, at my Studio. So we are now offering Creative Play Days! at the Studio.

Come join us for hours of fun and creativity... Join a class individually, or make it a fun get together with your friends!  Perfect for a Girls Day Out!

Our next Creative Play Day will be held on March 29th from 4PM - 6PM at the Studio. Our task? Creating Wild Wreaths!

Wild Wreaths

March 29th, 4PM - 6 PM.
In this class, you will work with dried and fresh flowers, lichen, moss, bark and other natural materials, to create a wreath that will last for years to come. Both wire wrapping techniques and glue options will be discussed.

Students will create both a mini wreath and a full size wreath.

Cost is $65 for a one day 2 hour class. All materials will be provided.

Our instructor, Liz Frishman, co-owner of Plants & Petals, is an extremely talented florist who will help you during each step of your wreath making experience.

Interested?  Call, or text, me at 804-615-1198.

Minimum of 5 students required.  Maximum number of students: 8.

This year, we've already held 2 different Creative Play Days! at my Studio. The first was an Embroidery class, and the second was a Coiling class.
The Embroidery Creative Play Day Class was well-attended and instructed by French-born artist Anne McCahill of Fredericksburg.
Basket Coiling 
The most recent class on Coiling, taught the basic technique of "coiling" which is the foundation of basket weaving.  I taught this class because I have really enjoyed foraging and basket making recently.  


We'll be holding more Creative Play Days! in the future, too.

Keep an eye out for classes.  Grab a group of your friends and book an entire class!  I'd love for you to join us!