The Studio.

You've got to stop by the Studio on

Libbie & Grove!

It's a work space.  It's a fun place.  It's a totally differenct type of place than you've ever been to before.

Stop by to check out:  Textiles (my first love).  French things.  Willow.  My hand-crafted jewelry.  And now, my collection of hand-foraged baskets. (my new love).

I evolved in the NYC history of fashion and design and love sharing it.  Jewelry designs that are simple, complicated and then even more complicated.

And now I'm offering my self-made baskets that I've created from foraged natural materials. You've got to see them!

on u.
Every day.

Libbie & Grove.  How fun is that?  Stop by. Browse. Chat. Tell stories. (I love stories)!  And, while you're here, you may find the perfect piece for your night out tonight...

Did I mention that I make jewelry?

All the best,


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