The Studio.

We love our Studio.  And we hope that you do, too.

Libbie & Grove.

The beat goes on.

Bright and vibrant.  Open and clean. Neighborhood findings from throughout the world.  Local artists, too. 

Textiles (my first love).  Wood.  French linens.  Oils.  Pots.

We just love the history of fashion and design and love sharing it.  Jewelry designs that are simple, complicated and then even more complicated.

But please.  Wear them. Every day....and Special Occasion day.  and then those Very Special Occasion days, too. 

Libbie & Grove.  How fun is that?  Stop by. Browse. Chat. Tell stories. (I love stories)!  And, while you're here, you may find the perfect piece for your night out tonight...

Did I mention that I make jewelry?

All the best,


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