The Studio

We love our new Studio.  And you will, too.

My how things have changed!  After 16 years in our old location, we've moved to a sensational new spot on Libbie & Grove Avenues.  And while we miss the quaintness of our old digs, we absolutely love our new Studio!  

Bright and vibrant.  Open and clean.  And while I still feature my handcrafted jewelry creations, we're also featuring local artists.  And, we're offering items that I've brought back from my world travels.  Finishing home touches. collectibles, paintings, adornments.  Come see.

But we haven't forgotten our past.  I still love creating everyday wear jewelry that will brighten up your mood and your style.  And the beauty of our new space is that it just radiates a good vibe.

In the heart of the world reknown Libbie & Grove shopping district.  Stop by. Browse. Chat. Tell stories. (I love stories)!  And, while you're here, you may find the perfect piece for your night out tonight...

Did I mention that I make jewelry?

All the best,


Need directions? Map It!  (Google is getting closer with their Street View photo!)...

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