About Us

 What started out as "Lemon Drops"...a nifty little line of ribbon earrings that I created on the A Train heading from my classes at FIT, to my apartment, in upper Manhattan, has grown into on u designs & finds today.


on u was founded in 1989 as a side line to my fashion stylist career in New York's Fashion District. I would hand-sew bracelets every day during my commute to, and from, work. At the time, we lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Greg and I would work until late at night at an old card table. It was the only thing in our dining room. It's all we needed.

Way back when, the on u line featured early watch piece broaches and hand-sewn bracelets and earrings made with antique, vintage and Bakelite buttons. There's a few out there still... with hand-sewn on u tags in them. Fashion icons: Barneys New York, Barneys Japan. Bloomingdales. ABC Carpet & Home. All featured my jewelry on their floors.

I find inspiration for my designs in everything I do... Maybe because it's all I do... (sort of). I love taking a little bit of something and creating a 'look' from it. It's totally rewarding.

We came to Richmond, Virginia, in 1993. 9/11 occurred.. Everything changed. We decided to pursue a dream...

My jewelry is distinctive because of the hand-knotting and hand-crochet. I learned to crochet from my Γιαγιά  when I was little.  And honestly, it really helped me to excel as a textile designer. My pieces often feature vintage, glass and semi-precious beads. Then I love to add ancient-to-vintage findings... such as buttons, trinkets, claws, mati, amulets, coins... That I've traveled the world to find.

Collect!  I just love to collect. (You see, I told you that there were other things that I love to do!). Collect materials, ideas, inspirations and colors from around the world and bring them all together in my pieces.  Really.  Its' what I love to do!

Our Studio on Grove Avenue in Richmond bustles with people who stop in from all over the world.  Hope to see you soon!

Most recent travel:  Van Du Vanres in Paris and Portobello Road in London.