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 What started out as "Lemon Drops"...a nifty little line of ribbon earrings that I created on the A Train heading from my classes at FIT, to my apartment, in upper Manhattan, has grown into on u designs & finds today.


on u was founded in 1989 as a side line to my fashion stylist career in New York's Fashion District. I would hand-sew bracelets every day during my commute to, and from, work. At the time, we lived in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Greg and I would work until late at night at an old card table. It was the only thing in our dining room. It's all we needed.

Way back when, the on u line featured early watch piece broaches and hand-sewn bracelets and earrings made with antique, vintage and Bakelite buttons. There's a few out there still... with hand-sewn on u tags in them. Fashion icons: Barneys New York, Barneys Japan. Bloomingdales. ABC Carpet & Home. All featured my jewelry on their floors.

I find inspiration for my designs in everything I do... Maybe because it's all I do... (sort of). I love taking a little bit of something and creating a 'look' from it. It's totally rewarding.

We came to Richmond, Virginia, in 1993. 9/11 occurred.. Everything changed. We decided to pursue a dream...

My jewelry is distinctive because of the hand-knotting and hand-crochet. I learned to crochet from my Γιαγιά  when I was little.  And honestly, it really helped me to excel as a textile designer. My pieces often feature vintage, glass and semi-precious beads. Then I love to add ancient-to-vintage findings... such as buttons, trinkets, claws, mati, amulets, coins... That I've traveled the world to find.

Collect!  I just love to collect. (You see, I told you that there were other things that I love to do!). Collect materials, ideas, inspirations and colors from around the world and bring them all together in my pieces.  Really.  Its' what I love to do!

Our Studio on Grove Avenue in Richmond bustles with people who stop in from all over the world.  You just never know who you might bump in to.

Most recent travel:  Craft Market at the Hip Strip.  Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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