Every piece of on u jewelry includes one of our distinctive tags that denotes its authenticity. This tag validates the original copyright design of Donna Silvestri, on u jewelry, Richmond, Virginia - on u, inc. - eco chic handcrafted jewelry.

If you have one of our pieces that does not have one of our tags*, simply bring it in to the Studio and we'll be happy to add one for you. Or, if you are out of town and can't stop by the Studio, ship it to us. We'll be happy to add one of our tags to your piece and mail it back to you free of charge.

we know.  you get it.  on u

* earrings, nor anklets, include an on u tag.

We do not give, or have ever given, permission, or authorization, to anyone to copy, simulate or mimic our work in any way. More details regarding the legal aspects can be found on our Website Terms of Use page.

Please note that the designs of On U Jewelry (on u, inc.) are well-known and recognized by jewelry consumers throughout the United States of America and beyond. As a result, the original designs of On U Jewelry represent valuable intellectual property that it aggressively protects against unscrupulous copiers and imitators. All designs are protected by US copyright law.

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