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Half Baked

Half Baked

I've been collecting Bakelite- which is the world's first synthetic plastic created in 1907 - for quite a while. It's considered to be the major form of "Art Plastic" during the Deco period. I love it for it's color and smooth texture. There's just something about Bakelite that is very soothing.

I found the bracelet shown below in a little boutique on Rue Jacob in Paris. It was quite pricey and it took a second trip to decide that I had to have it.

I hated taking the bracelet apart, but I just couldn't resist. I've created individual Half Baked necklaces which feature individual Bakelite bars that are 2 1/2" across and 3/8" high.  Each chocolate-colored 17 1/2" hand-crocheted corded necklace features 2 small Bakelite beads and can be tied for the perfect fit.

There are a total of 16 Bakelite "bars" on the bracelet. I've only created 3 necklaces using the Butterscotch, Rust, and Spring Green colors so far. If there is a particular color that you prefer, drop me a note, I'd be happy to make a necklace for you!

Yep.  It's a statement piece!

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The original multi-color Bakelite bracelet...

That I've turned into Half Baked necklaces!

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