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Men's Mercury Dime Gatsby

Men's Mercury Dime Gatsby

Americana... On your wrist.

A simple, durable on u bracelet features a bit of history.

The history part is that this hand-woven sterling silver bracelet features an authentic United States Mercury Dime that was minted between 1916 and 1945. 

The face of the dime features Mercury, the Roman god of commerce.  The back shows a fasces, the symbol of authority from antiquity, wrapped by an olive branch representing peace.  Please choose which side you would like facing out on your bracelet below.

The great part is that you can put it on and leave it on.

Please note that it's really important to measure your wrist so that we send one that's a perfect fit. You don't want it to be loose, or baggy. You want it to be snug. It's much more comfortable that way.

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Side Facing Out
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It can be hand-tied, too!

Another option for my new Trace bracelet is the hand-tie option.

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