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Lola - Refresh

On U Jewelry

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on u jewelry by Donna Silvestri - Lola Refresh Necklace
on u jewelry by Donna Silvestri - Lola Refresh Necklace
My Signature piece. Reinvented.
My original Lola necklace was created 22 years ago. A tribute to my incredibly organic, vibrant, beautiful niece. Lola. And it was oh so incredibly popular. Not just here... kind of everywhere.

After making so, so many, I took a little break from making Lola necklaces... It's been just over 5 years, now.
Let's just say, I wanted to go forward with my designs, rather than backwards.

Serendipitously, I had 3 people ask me - in just a couple of days - about what's happening with Lola and also what happened to my original design.
I am happy to say that Lola is an incredibly brilliant college grad and incredible writer and that my original Lola necklace design is still, how should I say it... A rarity.

So, I came up with a fresh new perspective on Lola. It still includes a spectacular mix of semi-precious, glass and vintage beads, but it's hand-knotted in a more traditional on u style.  I think it's a little more 'today'.

To add a little perfection to it, it's finished with an antique pearl button for the closure. Cinch it. Then dangle it front, or back.
17" in length. Brown cord.
Simplicity.  Perfected.

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