Paris & London Trip

We are heading to Paris and London on a buying trip! 
We will be traveling from March 28th through April 9th.
Can't wait to visit the quaint flea markets and antique shows of these two historical cities.  We'll be bringing home lots of new (old) findings and materials that we'll be incorporating into my jewelry designs.  I also hope to find some fantastic collectibles for the Studio.
While we're gone, the Studio will only be open on certain days.  Please see below for the times when we'll be open.  Don't worry, the Studio will be in good hands with our especially special friend Becky and our daughter, Carle.
However, they aren't very good at shipping.  Because of this, there may likely be a delay in shipping online orders until after we return.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  But remember, you're more than welcome to stop by the Studio (when open, of course) to get that special something.
Merci beacoup!
Studio Hours:
Thursday, March 28 Noon - 4 PM 
Friday, March 29 Noon - 4 PM
Saturday, March 30 CLOSED
Monday, April 1 CLOSED
Tuesday, April 2 CLOSED
Wednesday, April 3 CLOSED
Thursday, April 4 Noon - 4 PM
Friday, April 5 Noon - 4 PM
Saturday, April 6 11 AM - 3 PM
Monday, April 8 CLOSED
Tuesday, April 9 CLOSED
Wednesday, April 10 Noon - 5 PM