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Bee Cause

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Bee Cause
Bee Cause
I love honey. I mean I LOVE honey! When we went to France, I found lavender honey that was to die for. It's not something that I've really been able to find in the states so I tried raising honey bees on my own.

I took an an 8 week long class and had two hives. I did everything right.  They were producing honey.  And then the freeze of January came.  Sadly, they all died.  But don't worry.  I am going to try it again. 
As a tribute to Honey Bees (which are really, really in trouble), I've created this sterling silver cast of a honey bee button from the 1900's.

It's tiny (like a honey bee), about 3/4" in diameter. It drops from one of my Sterling Silver Dot Necklaces. Perfect on its' own or pair it with a Small Bead Dot Necklace...

I bee-lieve. Do you?

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