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It's a crazy busy time of year and I wanted to offer these, but don't quite have the time to create a separate page for each...

These are all antique buttons that I've collected throughout the years.  Each has been bezel-set in sterling silver and will include a Sterling Silver Dot Necklace.  Descriptions, and pricing for each, are below.  Sterling Silver Necklace alone is valued at $80.  All prices include the necklace. 

Each is a one-of-a-kind piece.  I only have one of each.  Thus, the First Dibs concept.


Descriptions and Pricing:
A.  Dome shaped brass with light blue enamel; mid 1800's; 1 1/2" diameter - $175*
B.  Polished Abalone; late 1800's; 1' in diameter - $150 - SOLD
C.  Hand painted black & blue brass with cut steel; early 1900's; 1 1/2" diameter - $175*
D.   Byzantine brass; 18th Century; 1 3/4" diameter - $195 - SOLD
E.  Brass Wild Boar; Early 1900's; 3/4" in diameter - $150
F.  Brass Raven; Early 1900's; 3/4" in diameter  - $150
G.  Hand painted etched brass with cut steel; mid 1800's; 1 1/2" in diameter - $175*
H.  French painted enamel with brass and cut steel; 1" in diameter- $185 - SOLD
I.  Carved mid-1800's Mother of Pearl; 1" in diameter - $150
J.  Etched Brass and Cut Steel; 1" in diameter - $175  SOLD
K.  Carved Mother of Pearl Colonial Button; 1700's; 1 1/2" in diameter -  $200*  SOLD

* Not recommended for every day wear due to the delicateness of the hand painting or base material.

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