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Brazil, 2014
Oi! (Tha's hello in Portuguese)..

It is very, very difficult to describe how incredibly beautiful the region of Brazil that we visited is.  The town of Trancoso is a transformed hippie village that now thrives on international tourism to those who are willing to travel a long, long way to find paradise.  With quaint shops and restaurants nestled in the Quadrato (the town square), you are as likely to see wild horses milling about as you are street vendors or popcorn sales carts.    

We visited a native Indian reservation, and a few small towns, where I was able to gain a great feel for the magnificent colors and craftsmanship of the Brazil's Bahia region.  I would have loved to have been able to ship a container full of the findings that we found.  Maybe on my next visit. 

The collection of materials that I was able to bring home is inspiring.  I was fortunate to meet a local artisan who helped me to gather lots of "ingredients" that I am now using in some of my new designs.  Although there was quite a communication gap between her Portuguese and my English, we collaborated in literally making the findings that I brought home while we there.  Materials include horn and hoof, native beads, bone and fossilized teeth.  All natural.  All organic.

We were very fortunate to meet a lot of people.  Some now live in Trancoso year round, others come and go.  To our delight, we attended a birthday party where the  "Happy Birthday" song was sung in 9 different languages -  Portuguese, French, Swedish, Italian, British, English, Spanish, Japanese, and Ethiopian! 

The beaches were so clean and pure.  It was not unusual to see sea turtles popping their heads up in the surf.  We walked different beaches nearly every day.  And took refuge deep into the jungle where we took a natural mud bath.  Then rinsed in the nearby surf.  We enjoyed fresh fruits and vegetables each day.  Papaya. Mango, Bananas. Melon. Pineapple.  One of our favorite treats was Açaí sorbet drizzled with honey, granola and sliced bananas.  Nothing quenches your body better.  Unless it was the incredibly refreshing Caipirinha -a sweet Brazilian rum called cachaça mixed with muddled limes and sugar. 

Our accommodations were beyond beautiful  Just thinking of Casa Lola makes me relax.  And the photos just don't do justice as to just how magnificently beautiful it is.  Let's just say it's "So Special".  A very, very special "obrigado" goes out to Jan and Ronnie,

I hope you love the photos... Keep an eye out for my new designs that feature the materials that I returned with.  You're going to love them!

Tchau Tchau!  !

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